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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed is known for a "fox-like" appearance. Cardigan Welsh Corgis have a long, low body with upright ears. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog breed was developed to help Welsh farmers herd and guard livestock. Today, as sheepdogs, these Corgis are known for their agility.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi's Behavior

Recommended for: house pets

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed is known as "a big dog in a small package". Cardigan Welsh Corgis have proven themselves as great companion animals. They are competitive, active, athletic dogs.

Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before bringing them into your home.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Physical Characteristics

* Size: male and female: 10.5 to 12.5 inches
* Coat: Never wiry, curly or silky overcoat over short, soft and thick undercoat.
* Color: All shades of red, sable; Black with or without tan; Blue merle (black and gray; marbled) with or without tan.
* Eyes: medium to large, not bulging, with dark rims.
* Ears: large and prominent and slightly rounded at the tip.
* Skull: wide and flat between the ears.
* Muzzle: rounded but not blunt; tapered but not pointed.
* Nose: black
* Tail: small-set

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Origins and History

Below are some fast facts on the history of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog breed according to Wikipedia.

Country/Region of Origin: Wales

Original purpose: herding

Name: The phrase "cor gi" translates to "dwarf dog" in Welsh.

Historical notes: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is believed to have been descended from Swedish Vallhund dogs brought to Wales by the Vikings. Individual Cardigan Welsh Corgis' capabilities helped determine the economic status of their human masters.

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