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Friday, May 14, 2010

What Makes it So Valuable

The last few months in Indonesia, was widely circulated about geckos business that are booming. It was said, the price of a kilogram of geckos size could reach billions of rupiah. Because of the great fortune, lots of people trying out this business. But do not be tempted trigger first, this business is still all covered with dark. What is clear is that there is high demand in the market for the geckos, and there is a lot of transactions conducted on geckos sale in Indonesia.

Gecko had only used as an insult to predict the weather by some people in Indonesia, and now suddenly became most wanted reptile that has a high price. Although the market is limited, but demand for geckos seem to increase. You may believe it or not but this is a fact, because I have witnessed the transaction. Around the end of January 2010 yesterday, I asked one of my friends to the area of Pasuruan, East Java to deliver one of the guests who came from Jakarta, which he said looking gecko with 4 ounces of weight and he would appreciate with the price of 100 million rupiah. And sure enough, when we go to Pasuruan Warungdowo to the house of the gecko owner, after considering the weight and the result ared 4.2 ounces of my friends guest had taken a direct phone and call somebody and told him to transfer a sum of 100 million rupiahs to the account of the gecko owner. He had checked his account within one hour, and sure enough after half an hour talking, the gecko owner immediately checking his bank account and , a hundred million dollars has been included in the bill. With a little gasp with pleasure the gecko owner said "I'll find some more geckos again for you, sir!" No need to get a kilo, geckos weigh three to four ounces allready sell at a price of 100 million to 150 million Rupiahs. Only gecko weighs three ounces valued least expensive, while the weight just a little less price has fallen dramatically. Even now, I still having hard time to believe, but it really happened. This really makes me wonder what really makes the house geckos have become so expensive.

Various new phenomena of the house gecko often accompanies the trip of the house gecko that penetrating the business world. Various rumors and the reasons often put forward by various parties for a large profit. Some of the reasons that make house gecko prices soared among others are,

1. Circulation of rumors about the gecko's ability to cure HIV-AIDS, this story of origin is not clear because there has never been research and the news from any media that describe the research on this reptile's ability to cure AIDS. But it is clear that rumors have been circulating actually makes geckos prices soared, especially those who have sought is 3.5-4 ounces of weight.

2. Indeed the Chinese medical techniques, some animals are able to cure human diseases. In the geckos, can cure some skin diseases such as itching and eczema. There's even a mention that the house geckos have enzymes capable of curing the tumor. But, the program is not clear truth.

3. In addition, meat and skin of the geckos also have a fantastic price. In Indonesia, on Probolinggo area gecko breeders who obtain orders remain in considerable numbers from an importer from China. So, no wonder if the price could be costly.

4. Another rumor is a lot of geckos are also sought by the Japanese, who allegedly said to be used for the completeness of a royal ritual in Japan. This is because Japanese people believe that the gecko is another incarnation of the dragon, maybe that makes them willing to pay a high price.

Various reasons and rumors have been delivered over the house geckos and soon can become an icon and deliver the geckos to be high priced commodity. And it is frequently used by those who are crazy money. I myself, now has FOURTEEN GECKOS in my house. Perhaps there is no harm in hoping that I will keep the gecko is sought and bought with a high price. However, do not worry I still like the existence of these reptiles continued in nature, so I took the initiative to start breeding them.
Hopefully, I can make it...

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